Prof. Kim, Seunghwan Elected as President of AAPPS and APCTP
Prof. Kim, Seunghwan Elected as President of AAPPS and APCTP
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.09.25 15:27
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Professor Kim, Seunghwan (PHYS)  was elected as the President of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Soci- eties (AAPPS) and Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP).
AAPPS had the 8th  general assembly in Chiba, Japan on Jul. 24 and elected Prof. Kim as the next president. Prof. Kim is no stranger to the association as he was the youngest vice-president in 2007 and the youngest councilor in 2004.
As an authority on the field of brain science and complex systems, Prof. Kim was the business manager of the 2004 Physics Olympiad; he successfully arranged the event. Also, he worked as the youngest secretary general of the APCTP for 8 years, which led to his appointment as the president of the center.
The AAPPS consists of 16 countries and 18 physics-related societies. It is one of the world’s three largest physical societies, contributing to the research, education, and academic collaboration of the Asia-Pacific area on physics.
Meanwhile, APCTP is leading the popularization of science by developing and distributing a variety of advanced contents on physics.

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