Proud Staff Members of POSTECH
Proud Staff Members of POSTECH
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:40
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In the Division of General Services, there are two groups of staff members: nutrition/ sanitation management group and sales/ administration group. From Jun., a new system was adopted by this division. Each group chooses one individual as a role model of that department through an internal vote and evaluation and awards him or her. The welfare division expects that this system will be a great motivation for employees, eventually improving the qualities of services and working conditions. For this quarter, Kwon Tia Hak (department of nutrition) and Choi Don Sun (department of sales/ management) were chosen as honorable role models. The next selection will be on Sep., which is the third quarter of this year.
Meanwhile, Kwon Hyuk Sang who is a staff member in the Technical Support Center applied for a patent on his own invention. This patent is about the experiment stand he developed to cope with several inconveniences in the lab. This experiment stand not only reduces the heat produced with a suction fan and exhaust valve but also reduces noise. This year, the product began to sell to several labs including some inside POSTECH.

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