Postechians “Challenge” The 2013 Sunrise Festival
Postechians “Challenge” The 2013 Sunrise Festival
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:14
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The 2013 Sunrise Festival was held for three days from May 22 to 24 in front of the Jigok Community Center. This year’s motto was “Challenge”, which encouraged Postechians to take an active part in the festival and relieve stress that had built up during the semester. Postechians showed off their passion in various ways.
At 6:30 P.M. on the eve of the festival, performances from the freshmen class from two departments (CiTE, MATH) started off the festival. Then President Yongmin Kim delivered a congratulatory message for the 2013 Sunrise Festival. At the stage in front of the 78 stairs, performances of the freshmen classes from two departments (IME, CHEM), Cheero and the Cheero Band, and performances of the freshmen classes from another two departments (CE, MSE) were held, respectively. Many Postechians came to watch the fruit of the efforts of performers who had prepared passionately for a couple of weeks. The department bars added to the amusement of the festival this year, as they have in previous years.
On May 23, the committee finalized the plans for an unconventional festival, with a n impressive 27 booths and many other events. The evening booths were mostly food booths and bars, which were laid out in a line in front of the stage installed at the foot of the 78 stairs. During the day, various snacking booths and game booths were open for students to enjoy. This year’s committee planned many events. Especially taking pictures using polariod and Water Drain were popular with Postechians. In case of Water Drain, despite getting wet, many students participated in the event. The 78 Quiz was held at 3P.M. In the night, the special stages which were prepared weeks in advance provided both visual and auditory fun to the huge crowd that came out to enjoy the festival. Performances of student clubs including VOCES, BREMEN, STEELER, CTRL-D, P-FUNK, and the finals of the League of Legends Contest were held. On the final day, a school-wide singing contest, POSKING, and guest K-pop group, SunnyHill, blazed up every last bit of passion of Postechians. Night-booths were open late night for Postechians to enjoy the last bit of the festival.