POSTECH Comes Forward as First Mover of Technical Commercialization
POSTECH Comes Forward as First Mover of Technical Commercialization
  • Reporter Kwon Woo-jung
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:13
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Five Korean representative universities specialized in science and technology (POSTECH, KAIST, GIST, DGIST, and UNIST) announced “Five STAR (Science and Technology After R&D) Initiative” on May 15 and signed an MOU.
Cooperating with the Ministry of Science, ICT (Information & Communication Technology) & Future Planning, these five leading universities of science and technology launched this project in order to foster new industries by taking the research and developments of those universities out of laboratories, creating new jobs of fine qualities.
Through the corporate announcement, these five universities revealed their ambition that “if five major universities design the leading model together, world-class innovative enterprises and elites will be produced.”
This project has several major purposes: 1) Supporting the beginning fund of technology foundation for professors, researchers, and students to easily go through initial difficulties. 2) Developing education curriculum which would foster elites in the field of technology foundation. 3) Prolonging the length of the period during which professors can leave the office to establish a business so that they are more willing to participate in technical foundation. 4) Supporting founders to somewhat reduce their risk.
Choi Mun-Kee, the Minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning, emphasized, “the ministry is planning to support these universities to be the role models of technical commercialization, just like Stanford in the United States.” Also, the ministry announced its plan to spread this commercialization into other universities as well.

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