Glucose Lights the Darkness
Glucose Lights the Darkness
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:11
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Professor Shi-Woo Rhee (CE) and Woosung Kwon (CE Ph.D.) developed a new white-light-emitting device using glucose.
Quantum Dot is a semiconductor nano-crystal that is used in nano-semiconductor, diagnostic reagent, and display. It is made from toxic heavy metals like cadmium or lead, and it is difficult to synthesize. Carbon Quantum Dot is easier to create and inexpensive, but existing methods face difficulty because of the unpractical size of its products.
The research team designed a new method “Soft-template emulsion,” which can make practical-sized Carbon Quantum Dot. Using the Carbon Quantum Dot, through the joint research with Professor Jong Kyu Kim (MSE), Prof. Rhee and Kwon (Ph.D.) developed a luminescent film that can be applied to various LEDs.
The luminescent film is flexible, eco-friendly, and can be produced massively through a simple method. Prof. Rhee, who lead the research, noted, “The research is gaining academic recognition as an innovative attempt to develop high efficiency illumination.”
The research was announced in the online edition of Chemistry of Materials.