New Chief of the Tae-joon Park Institute
New Chief of the Tae-joon Park Institute
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:11
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Choi Kwang-woong, the former POSTECH vice-president, was elected as the new Chief of the Tae-joon Park Institute, starting on Feb. 16. This institution was founded to promote the ideas and philosophies on management and enterprise of the late POSCO founder Tae-joon Park. Choi entered POSCO in 1971 and became a vice-president of POSCO in 2003 and a vice-chairman of POSCO Tae-joon Park foundation in 2005.
Choi said, “I will devote myself to celebrate the idea of the late POSTECH Founding Chairman, Tae-joon Park, considering this honorable position as a place for volunteers.”.
The Tae-joon Park Institute holds POSCO’s academic research forum and researches future strategies for international problems and leadership. Throughout this research, the institution plans to develop education for the public as well as POSTECH students. Furthermore, the institution hopes to cultivate human resources with creativity and insight through linking with institutes inside and outside of POSTECH in various programs.

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