What was Your Most Impressive Educational Experience?
What was Your Most Impressive Educational Experience?
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.06.05 19:09
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The Center for Excellence in Education is hosting the “2013 Learning Expo”, which asks students to recall experiences that were effective in learning during their years as undergraduate students. The subtopics include experiences during class such as lectures that were difficult, but worthwhile, and activities within or outside of school such as club activities or SMP (mentee/mentor program). The different categories of learning may include creative thinking, communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, and cooperative skills. The presentations should include what one has learned, experienced, felt satisfied with, and what could have improved.
Participants were required to register by May 13, hand in their entry content by May 20, and present their experiences on May 31. The award ceremony was also held on May 31, at the Mueunjae Memorial Hall. The winner was Jeon Seokmin (IME 09), and the second place went to Kim Dong Young (EE 10). Yeo Sujin (LIFE 10), Lee Jaeyun (CE 11), and Song Jaeyun (LIFE 12) came in third place. The winner was awarded 300,000 KRW, and the second place was awarded 200,000 KRW. The third place, which went to three participants, was awarded 100,000 KRW each.

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