Appreciate the Efforts of University
Appreciate the Efforts of University
  • Min Jeoung Moon(IME 11)
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:32
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Review: CAMPUS ?rts Enrich Our Lives with a Cup of Coffee?

While I have been in POSTECH, I have sometimes felt that the colorful emotions such as sensitivity I had decreased by only  learning solid and stiff scientific subjects. But when I ordered a cup of coffee with my friends at Monet and looked at the various artworks, I used to feel a relief. As I like landscape paintings, especially the artworks that contain trees and rivers expressed variously made me feel like I was in a different dimension.
As I have been a member of Guerbois (a visual arts clubs of POSTECH), I have looked for a place to exhibit our artworks. When we asked the director of Monet whether we could exhibit our work at Monet, unfortunately we were rejected. At that time, the director explained that as the artworks at Monet have gone through evaluation, the art must surpass certain standards in order to be displayed. This was a little surprising for me. After that, when I read the article titled “Arts Enrich Our Lives with a Cup of Coffee” in No. 54 of The Postech Times, It was impressive and I thought that this article was good information for Postechians who are oblivious.
Although the subject of the article was interesting, I thought that the article lacked details. For example, the article mentioned that Monet let visitors recover their peace of mind. However, I don’t agree about that point of view. I thought that although Monet sometimes does act as a place of relaxation, there are some flaws in the idea. When Monet becomes overcrowded, the place becomes too noisy to read a book. Even worse, kids who accompany their guardians used to touch artworks.In addition, if people do not clean up after taking a rest, the place becomes a bit dirty. Considering these cases, I doubted that Monet is a really great place to relax. As a reader, I want to hear the voice and comments of those using Monet because the background of opening this cafe was unusual. The article would also be better if it included what genres or exhibitions have been displayed in the past.
I thought that Monet was always there because I am a junior. But through the article I realized that Monet was only built recently, in 2010. I came to realize and appreciate the efforts of our university to provide an opportunity to enjoy a more cultured life. Even in this small space, they have renovated the place for Postechians. After reading the article, I came to think over Monet and appreciate it even more.