Inundation of Volunteer Groups
Inundation of Volunteer Groups
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:29
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Postechians learn the concept of volunteer work through many activities, from the volunteering in freshmen orientation to various off-campus volunteering activities and university volunteer groups. Based on the different attributes of volunteering, such as when they volunteer, characteristics of members, and type of work, there are many volunteer groups in POSTECH, but in the sight of outside, they seem to do similar activities. Then, are these volunteer groups operated well?
There are four existing volunteer groups “GachiBaeum”, “Beautiful class”, “RC volunteer group”, and “Dasom”. Additionally, there is one course for volunteer work, “Social service 1”. The volunteers of “GachiBaeum” teach middle and high school students in an underprivileged education environment. Volunteers of “Beautiful class”, established to help combat private education expenses, teach math and science to middle school students. ?C volunteer group?and ?ocial service 1?also teach elementary and middle school students in alienated and under-performing regions. “Dasom” is the only group that does physical work such as sweeping fallen leaves or cleaning baths in “House of Maria”, center for disabled women. Since four of the groups teach students based on subject contents, they sometimes suffer ridicule from those who teach private lessons.
Limited and unknown demand is the second problem. “Dasom” members had visited “House of Maria” once a week but were recently asked to visit once in a month since there are too many volunteer workers. Also in the case of Student Association Share Class carried by Student Association, even though there were many Postechians who want to share their ability, such as making PowerPoint slides, there weren’t sufficient citizens who wanted to take voluntary class.
Strict management of volunteer groups is another problem. In “GachiBaeum”, members are expelled from the group if they absent more than certain times. In “Beautiful class”, if one stopped volunteering, he should find a successor. On the other hand in the case of “RC volunteer work”, students who don’t need help and even defy volunteer workers are also included, so some assigned volunteers have difficulty teaching. It seems far from the ideal,a volunteer group that lets Postechians volunteer any possible time without burden for students who eagerly desire to learn.
Postechians have great deal of enthusiasm for volunteering. It has significance for in aspect that students establish volunteer groups on their own and proceed according to their plans. If each volunteer group can resolve the problems mentioned above, a richer volunteer culture will be established.