POSTECH Is Being Filled with Thankful Mind
POSTECH Is Being Filled with Thankful Mind
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:28
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Around us, we can see some students who are thankful for various support from POSTECH. At the same time, we can see some other students who seem to have dissatisfactions with their heavy workload. We would like to pose the question, “Do Postechians have a culture of thankfulness?”
There’s a survey result that can help answer the question. POSTECH was ranked second in the research about university students’ satisfaction by Korea Joonang Daily and the full service research house, Research & Research (R&R). The research was carried out from Mar. 20 to Apr. 11 by interviewing 100 students of each university that was ranked in top 30 in last year’s university rankings.
POSTECH got high score in most of the 11 parts of the evaluation. Parts in which POSTECH was placed at high rank are as follows: satisfaction withfaculty (2nd), satisfaction with curriculum (3rd), satisfaction with tuition (3rd), satisfaction with scholarship and welfare (2nd), satisfaction with lecture room (1st), satisfaction with library (2nd), satisfaction with amenities (4th), satisfaction with informatization (3rd), satisfaction with advertising the university (4th), and satisfaction with educational administration service (2nd). Sadly, POSTECH was out of top 10 in satisfaction with supporting employment. For reference, a representative question about inform- atization was satisfaction in using internet network (including Wi-Fi).
The high level of satisfaction may imply not only that the university is at a high level, but also that the students are grateful for their university. It can be guessed that POSTECH students appreciate most parts of their university, and want the employment support to be more vigorous. Postechians are supposed to continuously be thankful for the support and facilities of their university, which they are satisfied with. In case of parts with less satisfaction, members of POSTECH should work together to make better environment and also appreciate the efforts.
To maintain and develop this culture of a thankful mind, ALPHA, which aims to create a unique culture of POSTECH based on honor, service, and leadership, is planning to carry out a thanks activity “Day of Thanks ‘Thank you, I love you’” sometime in May. The purpose of the event is to encourage Postechians to express their gratitude to staff members and laborers who work for POSTECH. Members of ALPHA plan to install boards at each dormitory on which residents will be able to attach Post-its with messages expressing thanks, and choose the best dormitory as “dormitory of thanks.” Moreover, they plan to produce a video of POSTECH members expressing appreciation. Why don’t you participate in the meaningful events and keep a thankful heart to make a happy and healthy campus?