Interesting, but Lacked Economical Analysis
Interesting, but Lacked Economical Analysis
  • Choi hoik
  • 승인 2013.05.01 00:03
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Review: CAMPUS "How Are Postechians Spending Their Money?"
People in the modern society should think about money in every way. Especially, people in their twenties have to think about their use of money carefully in Korea because they are in a vague economic status. They spend lots of money for tuition fees, but they don’t earn enough money. So the article about how Postechians spend their money was interesting to me. But, I felt that something was missing.
The first thing is about the survey. The article carried out a survey targeting Postechians. As one of the participants, I felt the survey did not have enough choices to examine the spending of participants. If the reporter had done a survey for where people usually use their money beforehand, there would have been more choices that people could have checked. I also thought that income should have been separated into (1) money that he or she earns and (2) money that parents give. Though incomes are same, people who earn money, and people who take money must spend their money in different way. If this had been included, we could know how many Postechians spend their time to earn money rather than study. I hope that the survey will be more detailed next time.
My second thought is that the article doesn’t give practical information about spending of money. Though the purpose of this article is investigating how Postechians spend their money, I think that readers need practical information through this. So I suggest “The Postech Times” write about the information about how Postechians spend their money meaningfully or economically in another article. For example, as a reader, I want information about how people save or invest money effectively, or about the solutions about money problems that Postechians have.
Though I didn’t get practical information, I did learn some interesting facts from this article. Postechians use less money on food than I had imagined, and spend more money on cultural activities than my expectation. I was also surprised to see how many people save money. I could know the general outline of Postechians’ life by their expense. This article and the survey were fresh and interesting and made me think about how I spend money. I appreciate the effort of the reporter and newspaper.