To Be World Top 10 Nanotechnology Center
To Be World Top 10 Nanotechnology Center
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.04.10 16:41
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National Center for Nanomaterials Technology (NCNT) plans to construct a nano-infrastructure that would be among the top ten in the world. NCNT announced vision “NCNT 2020” in order to develop nanotechnology area and technical standards.
As NCNT completed phase 1 construction project, NCNT designed ?CNT 2020? which is the strategy to concentrate for diffusion of nano-convergence technology. It aims to support nanotechnology research at the world-class level, and become a specialized agency of industrialization. Major implementation strategies include education for professionals of nanotechnology and developing total solutions using nano-convergence technology.
Through this vision, NCNT expects to spread results of nanotechnology related  to business and revitalize local economy. NCNT also prepared five promotion challenge emphases: cultivating member’s ownership, strengthening role of center and securing technical skills, supporting nanotechnology business, securing competitiveness through financial autonomy, innovating virtuous circle, and ethical management. In addition, NCNT develops major technology in the medium to longer term, such as new renewable energy, three-dimensional analysis of atom, element, and structure.
If “NCNT 2020”is carried out successfully, it is expected to strengthen research in the area of small and medium business and promote outstanding small businesses that yearly sale over ten billion KRW. The director of NCNT, Chan Gyung Park, said, “through ‘NCNT 2020’, we will raise domestic nanotechnology level to advanced country level, and through scouting new businesses, make NCNT a center of local high-tech and nano-convergence technology.”