Kindhearted Help for Fire Victims
Kindhearted Help for Fire Victims
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.04.10 16:38
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A fund-raising event for victims of the big forest fire, which broke out in Pohang on Mar. 9, was held from Mar.19 to 29.
The forest fire burned 79ha (hectare) of woods and fields and damaged 111 buildings, including housings and shopping districts. The property damage caused by the fire was almost 5.4 billion KRW, but the compensation and support for victims are not sufficient.
As various fields of society are donating for the victims, the Central Executive Committee held a fund-raising event aimed at students, professors, staffs, and other POSTECH members. They accepted donations by account transfer, by collection boxes in the Student Union Building and Freedom Cafeteria, and freely in the Central Executive Committee office.
A total of 19.17 million KRW was collected, which is ten million KRW from staffs (all members of mutual aid society), 1.17 million KRW from students, a million KRW from the President Yongmin Kim and POSTECH Advanced Management and Technology innovation Program respectively, and six million KRW from Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL). The donation was delivered to the mayor of Pohang on Apr. 1.