Risky, Collaborative Postechian Researchers
Risky, Collaborative Postechian Researchers
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.03.20 23:51
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For the year 2013, a total of four undergraduates and eight graduate students received the Presidential Fellowship. The  undergraduate recipients are as follows: Hur Sunghoon (ME 10), Jeong Dong Il (ME 11), Lee Hyeonjeong (CE 10), and Wuseok Kim (CE 10). The following graduates received this scholarship: Eunseop Yeom (ME M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Jaeyong Jeong (ME M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Jongin Park (EEE M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Min-GyuJeong (IBB M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Sanghwa Jeong (CHEM M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Taekyung Lee (MSE M.S.-Ph.D. integrated), Wonjae Lee (CE Ph.D. candidate), and Woong Kim (CHEM M.S.-Ph.D. integrated).
Presidential Fellowship is a scholarship that aims to promote research on Medical Devices by both undergraduates and graduates. High risk, clinically-relevant research is favored, and collaboration with other departments is recommended. This funding has been provided by transferring some of President Yongmin Kim’s research funds from University of Washington, his previous workplace. Undergraduates are given a total of $11,000 over one year, and graduates are paid $22,000 over one year. By 2014, POSTECH plans to give this scholarship to eleven undergraduate and eleven graduate students.

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