A Great Evolution of Graphene
A Great Evolution of Graphene
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.03.20 23:50
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A technology that can form self-assembled foam-like graphene (SFG) networks in 10 minutes was developed by Professor Moo Hwan Kim (ME, DANE), Prof. Jae Sung Lee (CE, DANE), Ji-Wook Jang (CE Ph.D.), and Dr. Ho SeonAhn of Division of Mechanical System Engineering in Incheon National University.
Graphene, a so-called “dream material,” has superior characteristics such as high conductivity and strength. To utilize the properties, technology that integrates 2-D graphene sheets into macroscopic 3-D structures is necessary. The existing technology “chemical vapor deposition”requires 1000℃temperature, solid equipment, and 20 hours to proceed, which make mass production implausible.
The research team developed “nucleate boiling method”, which simply boils solution of colloidal graphene to generate bubbles and, with aid of the bubbles, synthesizes SFG structures on target substrates. This new method decreases time, temperature (<200℃), and cost. This SFG is expected to be used in electrodes of solar cells, super capacitors, and fuel cells.
The research was announced in the online edition of Scientific Reports, the sister magazine of Nature, on Mar.7.