A Heart of Secrets - POSTECH? Post Secret
A Heart of Secrets - POSTECH? Post Secret
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.03.20 23:37
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Do you have a secret that you want to share, but anonymously? POSTECH’s Post Secrets was created on Dec.14 in 2012, as a Facebook page, for just that purpose. It is a haven to heal the shattered hearts of Postechians, a place of proclamation to reveal unknown facts, and a counseling office to receive other people’s advice.
POSTECH is a very small society compared to other universities, consisting of approximately 300 undergraduates for each grade. In a place where almost everyone knows each other, it is feasible for one? secret to travel across the whole student body; thus, it is common for students to lock their secrets deep down in their hearts. POSTECH’s Post Secrets provides a place for students to express their emotions.
There are two types of people who send e-mails to the creator of POSTECH’s Post Secrets. One may either wish to just disclose one’s situation, or desire to share one’s experience with others. The creator, who is also anonymous, tries to filter out those who really want their secrets out to the community. Not everyone’s tale is posted. The content should be genuine, without exaggeration or flowery words. Moreover, texts that give away the identity of the writer are also excluded from the possibility to be posted.
The existence of such a page was looked upon in two perspectives. Jo Seo-hyun (CHEM 12) favored such page, claiming, “Through the posts, I was exposed to various situations. I got a chance to peek at how graduates think and realized that there are a few homosexuals in our community, read about friendship troubles, and so on. Occasionally I could empathize with the writer.” Although POSTECH’s Post Secrets has 700 ‘likes’, a Facebook method of showing each user’s interest for a particular page, the creator revealed that he has received mails that reproached the page, and wished for the page to vanish.
There are some flaws in the page. For example, Jo Hun-ho (CHEM M.S.-Ph.D. integrated) declared, “despite its efforts, due to the school’s nature, anonymity cannot be 100% guaranteed. Sometimes, it is unfortunate to see the page turn into a place for public discussion.” The Facebook page has a place where users can comment on the posts; thus, it is possible to criticize the posts, hurting the writer of the post instead of treating the wound. The creator, however, believes that this issue can be improved upon. Furthermore, because this page was created just a few months ago, it is still in its development period.
The creator wishes that Postechians can feel consolation by the fact that there is someone who will listen to their concerns.