Zeolites, Microporous Minerals
Zeolites, Microporous Minerals
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.03.06 19:31
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One of the most challenging issues in modern zeolite science is to have a solid understanding of the molecular-level mechanisms responsible for zeolite crysta- llization. Professor Hong, Seok-Bong (CE/ESE) advised and Park Min Jae (CE/ESE Ph. D. candidate) became the first author of this research funded by Leader Researcher Assistance Program.
Through the charge density mismatch synthesis approach, the team has been able to investigate the zeolite structure formation mechanism. A commonly known type of zeolite A(LTE), zeolite UZM-9 has been used for this mechanism. By doing so, we could demonstrate that sod-cages are first built around the pre-organized lta-cages and that d4r-cages are in turn constructed by the progressive addition of low molecular weight (alumino) silicate species. Note that lta-, sod-, and d4r-cage are the fundamental structural units that form the LTA structure.
Prof. Hong said, “this research can further help the understanding of structures of other zeolite catalysts that are important commercially, and lead to a prerequisite research to design customized material for new properties of matter.”
This paper was published in Journal of the American Chemical Society, JACS on Feb. 13 and introduced in JACS Spotlights.

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