Honors Challenging Research
Honors Challenging Research
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.03.06 19:30
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Yang Jung-eun (LIFE 09), who is under the supervision of Professor Park Sang-ki (LIFE), has been selected to participate in the Honors Challenging Research of 2012, which is held by MEST and KOFAC. For her topic, “Identifying the novel interaction partners of TARA to regulate schizophrenia associated DISC1-NDEL1 complex”, she was awarded with the most outstanding project in the area of “challenging research”; and, she was sponsored with 3.5 million KRW. Moreover, Yang has been able to enjoy other benefits such as top class researchers’ mentorship programs, and workshops.
This program has been established to keep elite natural sciences and engineering students motivated in their learning, and to help these students develop challenging research capacity. While students in their freshmen and sophomore years are given support in the “challenging ideas” category, the theme for juniors and seniors is “challenging research.?For each category, the most outstanding research project is selected, and the organizations sponsor the students with research funds.

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