Valueless Is Nothing! Just Read It!
Valueless Is Nothing! Just Read It!
  • Editor-in-chief Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.03.06 19:21
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Have you ever seen advertisements of NIKE and ADIDAS? Advertisements emphasize, “Just do it! Impossible is nothing!” When someone first heard these, they might be not too concerned. However, I was so impressed that I carved this motto in to my heart. But soon, this motto often caused regret when I stood at the crossroad. Thoughtless challenges did more harm than good. After I realized that, I pondered carefully to challenge the road not taken. As always, it is important for everyone to make a good choice. The position of the editor-in-chief, the representative of The Postech Times, felt to me so near and yet so far. From now on, I try to tell my thought about The Postech Times.
First of all, there are many things that can be learned as a reporter. Not only are you able learn from reporting the news in the field, but also from meeting a variety of people including students, professors, administrators on campus, and eminent personnel outside school. So, even though I realize that there will be further more things to be learned if I become a new editor-in-chief, I could not determine that easily because I was not fluent in English as the previous ones. However, I have had something special in mind to make advanced The Postech Times. I think over between challenge and abandonment. After careful consideration, I realized that the experience as editor-in-chief is more valuable work than that of others and made up my mind.
This is what I want to hear from reader: “I want to read The Postech Times again!” There is nothing better than this for news reporters. As for what I mentioned, the contents will be informative and interesting. The Postech Times needs to bring new ideas through enough meeting and asking experts to write manuscripts. If these are taking shape, reporters will be interested in reporter lives as well. This can amuse readers and reporters. When Postechians recall The Postech Times, the word “interest” rush upon.
That sounds like a lot of fun, but a real challenge. As advertisement of ADIDAS, impossible is nothing. I am really looking forward to advancing The Postech Times. Lastly, May I ask a favor of reader? “Valueless is nothing! Just read it!”