Japanese Education and Culture
Japanese Education and Culture
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What Makes Osaka University Special?
Why did you select Japan to study?
Stud : In engineering field, America may lead the theoretical phase, but technical phase are definitely leaded by Japan. In addition, when students enroll in graduate course in Korea, they have to do underworks of the professor. However, generally in Japan, each laboratory are consisted of four to five people : one professor, few associate professors, one assistant, and a secretary. So secretary or assistant treats the underworks, and students can concentrate their whole mind upon study without any other disturbance. I heard that if someone wants to research, he should go Japan.
Prof : For example, when I visited SNU, students had every devices to research, but rarely seemed to use devices. In Korea, because of lack of devices and its price, devices can’t be used freely, but students in Japan can use the devices unrestrictedly. Moreover, unlike devices which come from America and need two or three monthes to repair if it break down, devices made in Japan are treated more quickly, and more convinient to control.
 Is there special academic tradition or atmosphere in Osaka-u?
Prof : In comparison with The University of Tokyo, Osaka-u allows students to matriculate and graduate easier, but lets them to research harder. In comparison with Kyoto University, we have more foreign students, and are very vigorous in communication and close relationship. I think the atmosphere, which holds humane interchange and lets students get a lot off their chest, makes better research efficiency. Moreover, there is plenty of support from government. For example, we supported the estimated 180 million JPY worth of device to research about relationship of earthquake. Osaka-u is best in devices for research.
Stud : In case of Korea, we buy major books. However, in Osaka-u we use books that the professor wrote. So we can ask error on or questions about the book directly to  professors. Moreover, when researching together, getting basic research data is not a burden to juniors. In addition, about 85 percents of undergraduate students take Master’s degree course, so it is more convenient to ask each other when researching. Relationship between professor and students is more horizontal. Professors listen attentively to everything which students want to say including private talks.
How should Korean universities change?
Prof : Professors in Korea are still teaching staff and have burden. They have to treat several classes not like professors in Japan who give one or two lectures a week. This makes research inefficient, and makes graduate students do underwork of professors.’ Research oriented university and universities specialized in education should be divided to focus each better. Japanese universities, especially in engineering field, have developed constantly since the Meiji Restoration. By comparison Korea just took the first step. As Korea strains away, they will meet with good results.