Precious Campus Life, No Matter What You Achieved
Precious Campus Life, No Matter What You Achieved
  • Hyun Seob Chun (LIFE 07)
  • 승인 2013.02.15 21:28
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From the perspective of a 2013 POSTECH graduate, university is an important period that will never come back. It is the borderline between schools, a strictly scheduled life, and the society, a life composed of freedom. University is like a gas station on a highway, where you can take a rest and practice how to survive in the society that you will live for the rest of your life.
Life of college can be expressed in three words, “on your own.” Unlike the strictly scheduled life provided by schools, private academies, and parents, there is no one next to you anymore in college to provide your schedule. To make matters worse, you get to set goals other than getting high grades. Although there are professors and seniors to help you, even arranging a visit to them is your job; you are now totally “on your own.” This is similar to the real society, and it is definitely not easy. Some would find out how to manage this, and some will not. Now you will start watching people go ahead of you, and some falling behind.
Another feature of university is that it might be the last place for you to have 2-3 months of vacations. You will not find a place that will give you this much of vacation after you graduate, except school teachers. Take a look at adults nearby. Imagine what it would be like if you had to study all year with only a week of holiday, and do the same for the next 20 years. You must realize this and spend your few remaining vacations wisely.
Although the characteristics explained above are crucial in university, the failure or success is not important. The important fact is how much you practice and learn about living your life before you enter the real world. Do not feel depressed if you have failed, but learn from it and move forward one step at a time. Apart from success and failure, university is a place where you can indirectly experience life in the closest perimeter, and in enjoy your life to the full before you enter the society.
Every graduating senior would give similar advice. However, acknowledging these precautions in your heart or not is up to you, so good luck. And one last thing, please thank POSTECH, the best university in Korea, for offering this environment.