How Satisfied Are We with Leased Stores in POSTECH?
How Satisfied Are We with Leased Stores in POSTECH?
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.02.15 21:22
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On Jan.3, the Food Service, and Undergraduate Student Association organized a survey to evaluate leased stores in POSTECH for the year 2012. There were a total of nine targeted leased stores, including Burger King, Kyobo Internet Bookstore, Woori Bank, Stationery Store, POSTECH Souvenir Shop, Optical Shop, Laundry, Printing Station (CheongRamSa), and the Travel Agency. The poll asked the members of POSTECH to evaluate the leased stores in the categories of friendliness of the employees, appropriateness of price, quality of the product, and the environment of the store. For each category, the total score was out of nine, indicating full satisfaction.
A total of 810 members participated in the survey: 177 undergraduates, 452 graduates, 80 researchers, 71 faculty members, 20 professors, and nine others. Participants were mostly Korean, 787 participants, but included 19 foreigners. According to the survey results, the leased stores that received the highest scores were Woori Bank (6.20), Optical Shop (6.20), and Kyobo Internet Bookstore (6.14) for the average of the four categories. The last two places went to the Printing Station (5.06) and the Souvenir Shop (5.01).
The ranking, however, is somewhat different for each category. The customers voted that the Optical Shop had the friendliest employee (7.44) and the most appropriate price (4.90). Kyobo Internet Bookstore was evaluated to have the highest quality of product (6.48), and Woori Bank was thought to maintain its store environment the best (6.76).
Overall, the average satisfaction for all the leased stores in each category was 6.52, 4.55, 5.79, and 5.74.
Unfortunately, there was not enough data for the Travel Agency to be evaluated in the four categories. 653 people (81%) answered that they have not used the leased store before. The underlying reason was that 38% of the people did not know where its location is due to lack of advertisement, while 26% people reasoned that the internet purchase is more convenient.
On the section of “comment freely on other welfare facilities desired”, the wish for the entry of pharmacies, cheaper (fast) food stores, and a post office was more frequently expressed. Moreover, on the section of “comment freely on other things that you wish to say to the welfare services,” most requested for either a decrease in the price or an increase in quality of the food service at POSTECH.