Biomimetics of the Female Mosquito’s Pump System
Biomimetics of the Female Mosquito’s Pump System
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:44
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Professor Lee Sang-jun (IBB) and his research team, composed of Kim, Bo-Heum(I-Bio), Seo Eun-seok(IBB), and Lun Hae-hong(LIFE), made the front cover on the national science journal, Microscopy Research and Technique volume 75, Issue 8, on Aug in 2012. Their research title was “Synchrotron X-ray microscopic computed tomography of the pump system of a female mosquito.”
The purpose of the research was to produce a biomimetics of the pump system of a female mosquito. Within the head of the female mosquito, there are two pump tissues. The team had to first identify how the two pumps interact when the mosquito sucks in liquid. Then, it had to identify the three-dimensional structure of the pump system. In order to do so, the research team used synchrotron X-ray microscopic computed tomography (SR-μCT), as it is the most suitable instrument for small insects with opaque cuticles.
This research is expected to provide profound information in the future development of the biomimetics of a mosquito’s pump system.

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