Entered The Postech Times
Entered The Postech Times
  • Reporter Kim Chang-jun
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:39
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First and foremost, I appreciate The Postech Times for accepting me. I’m going to work hard to be an information source of POSTECH students. The Postech Times gathers news of not only POSTECH’s hot issues, such as construction of PAL-XFEL, but also diverse features of campus, like state of undergraduate students being late to class. I hope to become a reporter who provides information on various topics such as these. I will also actively participate in discussions about our newspaper with other members of The Postech Times.
My goals are to meet as many people as possible and learn many things from working in The Postech Times. First of all, I want to get close to The Postech Times members. Also, I want to meet other people such as professors or seniors who are difficult to meet personally. Being a reporter of The Postech Times will be great because I will have a chance to meet these people, listen to their stories, and share their stories with you.
Lastly, I wish The Postech Times would make POSTECH students be more critical. POSTECH students tend to be a little too obedient. I can hardly find students who strongly criticize the policy of the university or claim their opinion about a problem related to us. I also think that a reporter has responsibility to bring up social issues and equib readers to seriously think about them. Therefore, I want The Postech Times to perform this role better and improve critical thinking of POSTECH students.