What Do You Know about Dokdo
What Do You Know about Dokdo
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:29
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For a program of POSTECH Activity-based General Education Curriculum (ABC), a ABCH lecture “Understanding of
Dokdo Issues based on International Law” is was delivered by Professor Pae-Keun Park of Pusan National University, School of Law at POSCO International Center on Nov. 23.
The following survey was conducted at Student Union Building during Nov. 28 to 29 in order to figure out people’s understanding on Dokdo issues. The survey consisted of five true-or-false questions. For each question 59 people can answer as “true” or “false” or “unknown”. The questions were (1) Dokdo was incorporated to Silla by General Isabu. (2) Dokdo is a volcanic island thus plants cannot survive. (3) Dokdo issue can be referred to ICJ by Japanese proposal only. (4) It is valid in international law to have declare Shimane Notice No.40, absorbing Dokdo into Japanese territories in 1905. (5) UN law states that territorial sea extends up to 12 nm while EEZ extends up to 24nm. The aforementioned questions were based on the lecture contents.

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