POSTECH-Novacell, New Medicine for Cancer
POSTECH-Novacell, New Medicine for Cancer
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.12.05 18:45
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On Nov. 23, POSTECH Academy-Industry Foundation and Novacell Technology (Novacell) made an agreement for exclusive licenses on active immune anti-cancer drugs and agreed to enact clinical development and industrialization of anti-cancer drug, NCP701.
The Biotech Center at POSTECH has worked with POSCO and Novacell to research anti-cancer drugs based on peptide library. The exclusive license for this agreement has been contracted for clinical development.
Since 1998, NCP701 has been researched under the influence of Professor Chae Chi Bom (LIFE), and Prof. Ryu Sung Ho (LIFE). POSTECH and Novacell have continuously performed follow-up research to develop this project into active immune anti-cancer drugs.
Prof. Ryu indicated that “this agreement is a milestone of the past efforts placed on the cooperative research along with Novacell, and [we are] planning to strengthen this cooperative development relationship until new medicines are created, just as NCP701 was created through substantial clinical support.” Furthermore, he has high ex-pectations on the “successful specialization models in the commercialization of Univer-sities and Industries’ cooperative research progress.”
In the meantime, Novacell, which was initially launched from POSTECH Bio Venture, has gained exclusive licenses in five other drugs such as NCT101.

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