Invaluable Experience in MSSA
Invaluable Experience in MSSA
  • IME 11, Ju Ki Young
  • 승인 2012.12.05 18:36
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When I was a freshman, I joined the management study club named MSSA (Management Strategy Student Association). I joined the club out of mere curiosity of Management Studying, but MSSA was a big turning point in my life. I believed that experiences with MSSA would serve me in two ways: first, by enhancing my knowledge of business administration in POSTECH and second, by providing me with an extraordinary interest to the business world.
The major activities of our club can be categorized into one of three areas: Basic Study, Team Competition and TFT (Task Force Team). Once a student joins MSSA, seniors teach basic knowledge in strategic management, marketing, and financial accounting. After the Basic Study, members are divided into two teams of five people and compete intensely by suggesting strategies for a particular company. MSSA Alumni, who have worked on consulting firms such as BCG and Bain & Company, handle the final screening, and we discuss each team’s strategies. Someone who needs to join task force team in order to discuss HBR (Harvard Business Review) or participate in the case competition can easily build a team in MSSA. Studying business administration is a very unique experience in a university of science and technology.


With the objective of learning about business, I often participate in the business case competition with MSSA people. For example, I took part in the Ktcs New Business Competition with MSSA people during this summer vacation, and we won the 2nd prize. When I met the CEO in the Ktcs award ceremony, he emphasized that his company is really in trouble. 1-1-4 directory assistance is his main business. However, as internet develops, consumers don’t need to call 1-1-4 to find phone numbers. All they need to do is just enter the keyword “company name” in the search box, and then they can easily find the company phone number. Naturally, their earnings have gradually declined.

Accordingly, we suggested new business solution targeting college students, and he was pretty impressed by our corporate strategy. No matter the outcome, this experience with MSSA convinced me that becoming a CEO is my future career goal. Like a strategy simulation game such as Starcraft, executives use sharp tactics to beat competitors in their industry, and this really triggered my interest.
The biggest advantage of our club is the family-like atmosphere. Comprised of less than 10 people, we meet together almost every day for study meetings, TFTs, and such things. As we have depended on each other for a long time, we have become a close-knit family. Club president patronizes and takes care of me like my mother. Her words are always a great encouragement to me. Are you seriously concerned about your future business career? Then, I strongly recommend you to join our club. MSSA will help you in numerous ways.