Creative Contents Contest: 5 Ace Asked for “Jigok Night Watch Project”
Creative Contents Contest: 5 Ace Asked for “Jigok Night Watch Project”
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
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The second Creative Contents Contest (CCC) was held from Oct. to Nov. by POSTECH Leadership Center. The aim of CCC is for Postechians improve their leadership ability by projecting creative idea, promoting logical ability by embodiment of idea, and increasing communication skills through the contest.
The thesis of CCC this year were the ways to increase sensitivity of Postechians, decrease stress level of Postechians, and enjoy campus life. The participators could choose one among the three given theses. Six teams were selected to the final round held on Nov. 23 at Hogil Kim Memorial Hall. The winner of CCC this year was the team called 5 Ace, which consisted of Yeong-seop Son (PHYS 10), Do yup Lee (IME 11), and Gi-hoon Lee (ME 11). A reporter of The Postech Times interviewed them.

Why is the team name 5 Ace?
All of our members are from class 5 and capable. Therefore, we named the team 5 Ace.




Which topic did your team choose? What was your proposal?
We chose the first topic, how to increase Postechians’ sensitivity, and our project is called “Jigok Night Watch Project.” We wanted to create beautiful night watch in POSTECH in order to reduce stress coming from the gaunt life here. Therefore, we proposed to construct lights and audio devices around Jigok Community Center, where many people pass by. Now, the area around Jigok Community Center is too dark. If there are lights along the pond and calm music, it will promote Postechians’ sensitivity.

What do you think of CCC? What did you learn from it?
CCC is a good program, and many Postechians should participate in it. While making proposal in detail, we realized that it is hard to plan and realize the idea due to some problems that will likely occur in the future. However, we think the ability to turn imagination into reality is necessary to engineers. We strongly recommend students participate in CCC next year.