Dokdo, and the East Sea, a Place of Rich Endowments
Dokdo, and the East Sea, a Place of Rich Endowments
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.11.21 23:18
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Gyeongbuk Sea Grant Institute (GSGI) hosted a three-day sea exhibition, “Dokdo and the East Sea through the perspective of marine science,” from Nov.6 to Nov.8 at the Pohang City Hall.
This exhibition was a model of the ocean and displayed diverse species of sea creatures and plants. Moreover, it provided information about Dokdo’s and the East Sea’s rich natural resources: including a gas reservoir. The resources were explained through historical data of the deep sea. The purpose of this exhibition was to attract attention for the future of the Gyeongbuk Sea.
POSTECH Professor Yu Son-cheol (CITE), the leader of GSGI, commented on his desire to “enhance his knowledge on Dokdo and the East Sea, as they are worthy of research, from the shore to the deep sea” and stated his dedication to “constantly research the value of Dokdo and the East Sea to create jobs upon the development of the Gyeongbuk Sea and the marine industry.”
GSGI aims for sustainable development in the creation of a marine society.

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