Happiness, Communication, and Sympathy
Happiness, Communication, and Sympathy
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2012.11.07 12:44
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27th New Student President Elected


The Student Association elected a new president and a vice president for the upcoming fiscal year (2013-14). Nam Han-jae (MSE 10) and Kim Wu-seok (CE 10) were elected as the president and the vice president of the Student Association. Jang Hye-ji (IME 11) and Wie Min-su (ME 11) became the new female student representative and new dormitory representative, respectively. The election for the new representatives was held on Nov. 5.
All candidates, including the student president, were sole candidates in this presidential election. Thus, the board of elections called for the yeas and nays. The vote had been in approval of accepting the sole candidates, if they obtain one-third of the total valid votes. For this year? student presidential election, 690 voters were participated which accounted for 53.8% of the total potential voters.
Nam and Kim won 68.4% of the ballot, which were 472 votes with 36.8% turnout, in total for the presidential and vice presidential race. Jang obtained 111 votes, 85.3% of the female voters. Wie received 587 votes, 85.8% for dormitory representative. Voting was held at the Student Union Building and Jigok Community Center. The votes were counted in Oasis.
The newly-elected president Nam promised the happiness in campus life under the motto “A Postechian Launches Happiness” (similar to the Korean novel, A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball).
“It’s really important for the quality of life for students,” said Nam. The 2013 Student Association categorizes the future platform plans into three parts: happiness, communication, and sympathy. The new president supports protecting the human rights of victims of events such as sexual harassment and violence due to heavy drinking. Also, to overcome the relatively shallow alumni association, he emphasizes the importance of networking with the Alumni Association. Through the Alumni Association, he says, the Student Asso-ciation will strive to become a stepping stone to connect past and present students. More-over, in order to collect the voice of students, he adds that the Student Association will review ways to spread accurate information on current issues via various media. “We will collect opinions through surveys and re-port the results to clarify general opinions.”
The newly elected president, vice president, and representatives positions will officially start on March in 2013.