The Speed of Gene Evolution Identifies Complications
The Speed of Gene Evolution Identifies Complications
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.11.07 12:36
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Professor Kim Sanguk (ITCE LI-FE) and his team published their research in the “Scientific Re-ports” section of Nature on Oct.22.
The team disco-vered that genes that have a fast evolution rate usually cause diseases in the respiratory and the immune system, whereas genes with slow mutation rate affect the muscles or the skeleton.

Considering the fact that the evolution speeds of genes are different, the research team created a network among coexisting diseases by using the data that the U.S. diseases headquarters had gathered over the past four years. From this network, the team discovered that the mutants that have similar evolution speed are likely to cause complications.
Prof. Kim states, “In life science, the development in big data analysis is becoming important. Our research will effectively become the technology background to predict complications in medicine.”

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