Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.11.07 12:31
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On Oct.31, the Girl’s Opinion (G.O.), the Female Student Association, held a girl’s night only at the Student Union Building, as it is a rare chance for female students to gather. Approximately 30 female students participated in this event. At the beginning, the guest speaker, Dr. Yoon from Dr.Yoon Women’s Clinic in Pohang, gave a speech on the health issues regarding to the female reproductive system. Afterwards, the students created their own image of career women, and discussed any hopes that they had for G.O.  Park Eunbin, the President of G.O., stated that “The event had a profound meaning in that female students could share and discuss their troubles about campus life. Moreover, it helped direct G.O. towards the correct path.”
Another event called “Women’s Career Education” was held on Sep.2 organized by the Leadership Center and G.O. On this day, a total of three major events were held. The first program was a lecture by Ms. Joo Min-jung, who works at Asiana Airlines, on “Women’s Primal Leadership” This was followed by a mentorship program among students and career women working in the field of natural sciences and engineering. The end of the event was marked by a dinner shared among female professors and female students.

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