2012 Nobel Dream Camp to Grow Potential Korean Nobel Prize Winners
2012 Nobel Dream Camp to Grow Potential Korean Nobel Prize Winners
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.10.17 17:33
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2012 Nobel Dream Camp was held for the first time at POSCO International Center on Oct. 3 to 5 with the support of Pohang City. The objective of this camp is to help produce Korea’s first Nobel Prize winner by giving the next generation who have great curiosity and potential a chance to discuss and debate about fundamental science with actual Nobel Prize winners and several other great scientists.


A  total of 85 talented high school students from around the nation were selected to participate in the camp for free, but they had to pass through two rigorous cuts. Students experienced various activities such as listening to two lectures, participating in a mentorship program, analyzing and comparing two novels, organizing a group project and presenting it, and touring the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.
This year, the chemistry Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Kurt Wuthrich, was invited to give two lectures titled “My Life as a Scientist” and “The Molecules of Life”. Other participating scientists included national scientist Professor Kim Kwang Soo from POSTECH, national scientist Prof. Ryoo Ryong, Prof. Lee Yong-Hee, Prof. Kim Eun Joon, Prof. Kim Eun-Seong, all from KAIST, and Prof. Lee Hyung Mok, Prof. Seo Yu Hyun both from Seoul National University, and Prof. Yu In-Kwon from Pusan National University.
The Nobel Dream Camp was hosted by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and Yonsei WCU.

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