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Prof. Chang Soo Young(IME), Co-President of Sharing and Technology Inc.

What is appropriate technology and why is it needed?
One man, whose expertise is in environment and carbon emission, developed very efficient and eco-friendly linear compressor, which is only used in very expensive refrigerator, and agonized how to use this in good way for poor people using least efficient refrigerator. So, he used carbon tax. If carbon emission is decreased, government pays the emission difference as compensation. With support from environmental organization, he added high-end technology, and gave it to the poor people. High-tech is given to destitute poor. How delightful thing it is! This is a great example of appropriate technology.

Most things don’t seem likely to change the world.
Not just for solution, or possibility, I do appropriate technology because it’s the right thing to do. Technology is inappropriate nowadays. It’s unfair that technology is only developed for a few people with purchasing power. So I do this. It may seem so small. But if someone’s life is changed as a result, his family’s life has also improved. In the long run, that is a huge difference. I want people to consider appropriate technology this way, not to consider scale too much. Researching high-tech, considering how you can use the knowledge to help poor people, make that your life. Appropriate technology constructs parts of your life. It seems to get better day by day, since more people become interested in and consider appropriate technology.

Appropriate technology busi- ness is only continuing by one’s will. Continuing seems hard.
The failure doesn’t matter. It’s just for righteousness. Since we have gone through the development period, we have experience, such as what we have gained or lost, and the regrets that resulted from it. If we just purely transfer the technology, the regrets that follow are also transferred. If we choose technology carefully, we can minimize undesirable effects that come along. Even without developing new technology, we can help create a sustainable society that we dream of through appropriate design.
I am sure that our society wants the righteousness of appropriate technology. Not only because the foundation of today’s capitalism is shaking, but also because it is important to attract people without purchasing ability, as Philip Kotler suggests. So I think appropriate technology is the zeitgeist. It’ll get better.