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Baek Soonjib, Project Manager Charged in Malawi, Good Neighbors Appropriate Technology Center

Why is Malawi the hottest place for appropriate techn-ology?
Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian and development NGO that is currently developing ten appropriate technology projects in five countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In Malawi, Good Neighbors supports four appropriate technology projects including mushroom farming, photovoltaic multi-charger, cotton sanitary pad, and cornstalk charcoal. Especially, Malawi branch is a good business model which shows the effects of boosting incomes based on a local branch. In Malawi, which is among the world’s least-developed countries, these projects hold their significance in that destitute people can lessen poverty and get a wide variety of life chances by increasing in come through appropriate technology and establishing business models.

What kinds of projects are going on in Malawi?
Good Neighbors Malawi branch was established in 2008 and is currently  employing 51 local staffs. In 2012, more than 7,500 child sponsorship projects were started. Other projectsinclude income increasing projects through appropriate technology for 22,000 local people, water/sanitation projects, and projects for schools and hospitals.
What is the biggest difficulty in Malawi?
Socio-economic benefits that most S. Koreans are privileged within our daily lives are far less accessible for Malawi people. Their primitive infrastructure  consists of only basic hospitals and drinking water facilities in rural area where the Malawi branch workplace is located. For future development, many concerns, efforts, and supports are indispensable in a long-term view.

What is the most remarkable achievement in Malawi?
Currently, Good Neighbors is noticing the benefits of mushroom farming business. Household income of local people has increased due to mushroom farming business, which has been producing and selling since last November. In Malawi, most farmers are engaged in corn farming. A demonstration project showed that the income of mushroom farming in one month is almost the same as that of corn farming for one year. Accordingly, mushroom farming is becoming more and more popular and the Malawi branch selects dedicated farmers and conducts systematic training.

Last words for Postechians
I believe appropriate technology is something that provides benefits to the real life through deciding the level of technology and providing it at a proper price. Moreover, in order to sustain the technology, a business approach is needed. Accordingly, I hope that POSTECH, which is called the mecca of technology, gets the opportunity for technology support and talent donation to developing nations. Please be mindful that our small concerns and supports can create a big opportunity for our neighbors.