Thank You, Readers for Great Three Years and Many More to Come
Thank You, Readers for Great Three Years and Many More to Come
  • Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2012.09.05 19:56
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Tricky As It Is

The publication date for this issue, which is Sep. 5, is the 3rd anniversary of The Postech Times. In 43 issues, many news and stories have been featured. Especially for this issue, many people have kindly sent us words of encouragement and advice in light of the occasion. Five short writings on the left are thoughts and resolutions of our reporters; one on the center of page 7 is from one of our regular readers; two on the bottom center are messages from the previous editors-in-chief. The article on the far right includes an outline of how The Postech Times has evolved in the past three years and a brief explanation of our aim. The entire staff of The Postech Times deeply appreciate your support and we will make it as the opportunity to improve even more. Thank you.                                                                      <Editor's Comment>



First and foremost, congratulations on the third anniversary of The Postech Times. With the ongoing internationalization of POSTECH, the English-language section of The Postech Times was founded for the global interest in the university as well as the local needs of students, researchers, and faculty who come from all over the world.
Still, as a reporter it is always tricky to choose a topic to deliver, especially in the case of the newspaper which has a broad range of readers with the different backgrounds. From my point of view, to meet all these expectations, The Postech Times should deliver news with more information and an open-minded view.
Indeed, The Postech Times looks forward to being not only the documented history of POSTECH, but also the history of POSTECH abiding in all readers’ memory.