Extravaganza Deluxe
Extravaganza Deluxe
  • Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.06.07 18:48
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A news article is like a box of hot delivered pizza. It’s crisp, hot, and delicious. Within one box, the pizza can be cut into pieces and be distributed to a number of different people. As a reporter, I hope to deliver up-to-date news to my fellow colleagues and more. Although I have no experience in writing journals, I hope to convey my portion of information with an impartial mind. Listening to those who are interviewed, they refer to themselves as victims whose opinions were not directed in the desired way. I proclaim to write straight to the fact, without distorting the given information.
Furthermore, a news article is like a box of pizza because different combinations of news are merged together. During three months in POSTECH, I have come to realize how parochial my knowledge became about the events that are occurring in society as well as the events going on around POSTECH. Of course the major events such as the sunrise festival was hard to miss. However, a lot of small incidents swiftly come and go, unnoticed. As writing news articles involves up-to-date research and interviews, I was eager to be more directly involved in our POSTECH community. Hopefully, I will become a fruitful addition to the team, and enrich the knowledge of my colleagues as well. As an inexperienced writer, I yearn to improve my writing skills in this area, and would like to declare my dedication in writing The Postech Times articles.