WARP! We Are Real Postechians!
WARP! We Are Real Postechians!
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2012.05.23 17:44
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The 2012 Sunrise Festival was held for three days from May 16 to 18. Under the motto WARP, which is an acronym for “we are real Postechians”, the students came out to relieve stress that had built up during the semester, and they showed off their passion in various ways.
Even though it was a bit difficult to mend the fences in the process of electing the chairman of the festival prep committee, the festival was completed without any major issues. Rather cap- ricious weather worried the committee and the students altogether for participation, but only a few brief showers were not enough to cool down their passion. The entire festival was held in the Jigok Community Center area as planned, unlike last year, when the festival had to relocate from the Student Union Building due to the rain.
As the committee planned it to be a booth-focused festival, with a whopping 34 booths, the department bars and committee planned events were also opened. The evening booths were mostly food booths and bars, which were laid out in a line in front of the stage installed at the foot of 78 stairs. During the day, various snacking booths and game booths were open for students to enjoy. This year’s committee planned event, Water Drain, was a huge success as usual. Despite getting wet, many students participated in the event.
The special stages were prepared weeks in advance to provide both visual and auditory fun to the huge crowd that came out to enjoy the festival. On the first night, the Cheero and dance performances of the freshmen class of five departments, in the order of Math, MSE, IME, and CE were presented. The following night’s stage showcased performances of student clubs including Bremen, Steeler, CTRL-D, VOCES, P-Funk and the finals of the League of Legends Contest. The 78 Quiz was postponed, which was originally scheduled to be on May 17, to the 18 due to rain. On the final day, a school-wide singing contest POSKING and guest band Crying Nut blazed up every last bit of passion of Postechians.