Prof. Chang Wins POSCO Academic Award
Prof. Chang Wins POSCO Academic Award
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.05.23 17:42
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Professor Chang Young Won of Department of Material and Science Engineering won the POS- CO Academic Award. He received credit for achie- vement in the establishment of deformation induced phase transformation phen-omena, contributing to de- velopment of metal and materials.
Prof. Chang approached deformation induced phase transformation phenomena by using an internal variable theory for inelastic deformation. The internal variable theory explicates a new concept of internal strain tensor as the fundamental internal deformation variable. Through physical dislocations, internal strain energy is collected and released.Therefore, defor- mation induced phase transformation can be thought of as an effective way to decrease the gathered internal strain energy during inelastic deformation. Then, if internal strain energy relaxes continuously, it provides consolidated ductility joined with higher strength that results from hard trans- formed phases such as Martensite. With the method theory above, transformation kinetics relation was expanded and much outcome of experiments was gained from Fe-Si-Mn-C TRIP steels, high-Mn TWIP steels and austenitic stainless steels.
The POSCO academic award is the prize that is granted by Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, and it is given to scholars who contributed to the development of Metal and Material Engineering. The award ceremony was held during the 2012 Spring Conference of Korean Institute of Metals and Materials which took place at Sungwoo Resort from Apr. 26 to 27.