Graduates Share Advice about Future Career Path
Graduates Share Advice about Future Career Path
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2012.05.23 17:40
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POSTECH Alumni Seminars were held at the POSCO International Center on May 5~6 and May 12~13.
The purpose of the seminars was to introduce future career paths and successful campus life to the first-year undergraduate students. The seminar consisted of introduction of alumni specialized in different fields, which was followed by a free forum between the graduates and students. For those with more questions about the career path, there was a special opportunity arranged to talk directly with the graduates who had already landed in their career path.
For the first week seminar, Byung Chul Ko, director of KTB Network, Prof. Kim Byung-In of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, POSTECH, Kyu Sang Lee of Samsung Electronics, and five other graduates in different fields were invited as well as nine other alumni for the second week.
Prof. Jung Ki Kim of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences said, “I believe students can obtain a lot from this program. Freshman students should ask and contact the graduates more actively.”
One of the participants said, “It was really good to see a wide range of graduates who already work as professionals, but it was a bit shame that all graduates in a legal profession dropped out of POSTECH and moved into law schools.”
This seminar was a part of Future Planning for College Life class, POSTECH Activity-based General Education Curriculum.