2012 Sunrise Festival, May the Fun Be With You!
2012 Sunrise Festival, May the Fun Be With You!
  • Reporter Park Seo-Kyung
  • 승인 2012.05.23 17:32
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Mooyeol Baek, Chairman of festival Prep Committee
What was the planning intention of this festival? What is the meaning of “WARP”, the motto of this festival?
I felt a little hesitant in applying for the chairman of the festival. Because of this, the prep committee was formed late, and could not begin advertising early on. When the preparatory committee was formed, we first thought about how to make the committee more exciting and memorable. Unlike previous festivals, this year’s preparatory committee focused mainly on its assistance role, such as expanding support for festival booths. Secondly, we wanted to put together various contents. The image of the festival had been dominated by the departmental bar and department performances until now. Since there have been more activity in the student body lately, and the department level events already run without much help on their own, there was no need for us to allocate our resources to support them. Instead, we tried to induce other groups, like clubs or classes, to fill up the contents and make the festival more plentiful. The reason why we chose WARP as our motto was because it’s really a catchy expression. Also, it is an acronym of “We Are Real Postechian”, which means, “Warp into festival and enjoy, then you’re a real Postechian!”
Are Characteristics of booths different this year?
Quantitatively, booths have increased, but contents were not various enough. There were more booths that sold food than we thought. However, the encouraging thing was that there were more attempts of other groups like clubs, classes, and Female Student Union, to join the festival. A long time ago, there were only one-time, brief-content booths when students came out to enjoy the festival during the day. So in this festival, we made booths that people can enjoy and rest for a long time. For example, we made a board-game booth and a picture booth with various items like wigs or costumes. Also, the 78 quiz hosted by the school magazine became more popular and interesting. Furthermore, to induce attendance of upper grades, we planned the League of Legends class tournament.
I think this year was a transition period. So, when the committee had meetings about how to develop the festival, we considered lots of ways to help the people starting some new contents. In case of department bar or show, there exist traditions and manuals from before, but others did not. So the committee mainly focused on how to support them.
Expectation to future festivals
More than now, students should be the content-makers in the festival. Through preparing and opening a booth, students can have interesting experiences. Without committee’s direct effort to make booths, there should be enough voluntary contents in the festival from the student body. In short, we want people to get the most memorable experiences planning festival contents, not only just enjoying the same old contents.

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