The First Step Taken towards IT Fusion Education
The First Step Taken towards IT Fusion Education
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.05.02 20:03
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POSTECH Future IT Innovation Laboratory (i-Lab) held its grand opening ceremony on Apr. 30 in the National Center for Nan- omaterials Technology (NC- NT) Auditorium. The event started at 10:30 AM and about 300 people attended the ceremony including the President Yongmin Kim and  some other faculty members, the minister of Knowledge Economy, the governor of Gyeongbuk Province, the mayor of Pohang City, the vice president of Stony Brook University, the president of SUNY Korea, and the former director of MIT Media Lab. 
The i-Lab is a newly created institution this year as a result of participating in the pan-national project in which the government plans to raise IT talents. It united with SUNY Korea in order to achieve the world IT fusion education and founded a research center which took eight months in preparation. Moreover, government, companies, and POSTECH are to invest 177 billion KRW over the course of the next ten years. The division will now focus its research on seven core areas such as intelligent robot, U-health, and IT nano-device. The Director of i-Lab mentioned that, “The IT convergent talents will lead the future of Korea,” and that, “POSTECH will gain an internationally competitive edge by investing intensively so that scholars can receive creative education and do challenging research.”
In addition to the opening ceremony, the first International Symposium on Creative IT Engineering and Innovation was held at the POSCO International Center Auditorium from Apr. 30 to May 1. On the first of the two-day session, five keynote speakers presented their ideas on education, innovation, entrepreneurship, industry, research, and globalization, while five more invited speakers made their speeches the following morning. Through the symposium, participants shared their ideas on how to educate innovative IT talents about problem solving abilities and entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, it was a great chance for professors and students alike to have extensive discussion with a synergistic panel from industry, government, and academia.