Results of Medical Reimburse- ment Survey Released
Results of Medical Reimburse- ment Survey Released
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2012.04.11 19:40
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The special prep committee for student medical expense reimbursement conducted an undergraduate online survey and released the results. Conducted for a week from Mar. 23, a total of 213 undergraduate students responded to the survey.
The results are divided into three items asked on the survey. It indicated that 87.8 percent (187) of the students feel the need for the reimbursement to subsist. For the issue of separating the financial source between the graduate and undergraduate programs, 54 percent (115) answered not appropriate for reasons such as financial stability. However, there was a very close turnout in the decision for commensurate payment. Finally, 66 percent of the students agreed that reimbursement of a small sum must also be allowed.
The committee will be discussing results with the graduate program committee to come up with the most satisfying plan in the coming weeks. It will be released at the open forum, which will be held in May.

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