2011 POSTECH Commemcement Ceremony
2011 POSTECH Commemcement Ceremony
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2012.02.10 19:45
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▲ A photo from last year's Commencement Ceremony. This year's Commencement takes place on Feb.10.

The 2011 POSTECH Commencement Ceremony takes place at 11 A.M. on Feb. 10 in the university gymnasium. Officials including President Yongmin Kim and Joon-yang Chung, Chairman of the Board, attend for the congratulations.

Beginning with the opening speech, the ceremony will proceed with the special commencement speech of Son Wook, visiting professor of Seoul National University. He was once the president of Samsung Advanced   Institute of Technology and Chairman of the Board of POSCO. After the ceremony, a conferment ceremony and celebration party will be held by the departments.

In the 23rd conferment 751 graduating students including 303 B.S., 203 M.S., and 245 Ph.D. receive diplomas. Among them included seven international M.S. and eight Ph.D. graduates.

The honor of B.S. valedictorian goes to Choi Dong-jin (Math,) whose GPA is 4.16. The Mueunjae Award, for the B.S. graduate who contributed to the university’s development or in raising its reputation, is awarded to Che Dong-joo (CSE.)

Two more awards, the “Sung-Kee Chung Thesis Paper Award” for natural science and the “Chang Kun Soo Thesis Paper Award” for engineering are given to Kim Yong-soo (Phys) and Cho Seung-ho (CE) respec-tively.

Kim was published in Nature Physics, with “Protecting entanglement from decoherence using weak measurement and quantum measurement reversal,” and Cho was published in Chemical Communications, with “Porous ZnO-ZnSe nanocomposites for visible light photocatalysis.”