New Year Celebrated by POSTECH Indian Community
New Year Celebrated by POSTECH Indian Community
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2012.02.10 18:50
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▲ Researchers' children gather around the cakes.

On the last day of the year of 2011, the members of the Indian community gathered in the student union building to say goodbye to 2011 and celebrate the New Year’s coming.

The party began at 7 P.M. with several speeches. Many of the speakers accentuated the network and interactions before the dance and gifts followed.

Before the gifts, however, there was time for cutting two cakes. Prashant Kumar (Math Ph.D. candidate,) who informed The Postech Times about the party, said that though the parties were held for the last two years, this year was first to prepare for the cake.

Finally, home-made Indian food was served in buffet style.