[Tae-Joon Park Commemoration] Feeling the New Vocation…
[Tae-Joon Park Commemoration] Feeling the New Vocation…
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  • 승인 2012.01.01 13:17
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As I kept my post at the Severance Hospital funeral hall, I was amazed by the founding chairman’s wide personal connections in economic, political, cultural, religious, and soccer areas. At the same time, however, I wished that the significance of POSTECH’s foundation would have received more attention. He knew the importance of quality human resources in today’s world of creativity and knowledge as well as in the steel industry, which fuels the overall industry. For this reason, I think the establishment of the university, despite difficulties, that fulfilled his gigantic dream has more significance in the society. I was fortunate to have two amazing mentors: the first President Hogil Kim and the founding President. The vision he showed me during the discussion about the master plan for the new electronic process/information and communication laboratory; the meeting with Son Jeong-ui and Steve Jobs; the philosophy and leadership he displayed during the construction of POSTECH and the accelerator have all become my precious assets. I consider myself lucky to have experienced such things.

I still remember the day when I visited Tae-Joon Park in New Jersey, USA, at the house of his eldest daughter. To be included in the special publication for POSTECH’s 10th anniversary, I came by to listen to the philosophy and behind-the-scenes stories behind the establishment of POSTECH. When his grandchild asked about the T-shirts with the POSTECH logo that I brought as a gift, I remember seeing him enthusiastically explain. I felt his love for his children when he personally called for his son’s internship to a European computer company. Especially when he was bereaved of his mother and came to Korea, POSTECH Alumni Association hosted a special ceremony to have the founding chairman as the honorary president of the association. His family enjoyed the reunion with many graduates. He said “I was not thankful when the first steel was manufactured, but I’m thankful now seeing these people that I raised.” I felt his endless love for the university when he added, “I can forget all of the past distress thanks to today’s event.”

As it has been expressed several times, we are at the point in which we must succeed and develop the founding chairman’s thought, affection, and leadership that he showed while forming strategies and pushed them forward. I think his noble wish will be fulfilled when all members of POSTECH become main figures in the world of creativity and knowledge, as the steel has contributed to the development of heavy chemical industry. It will be achieved by raising quality talented individuals with global leadership and also by equipping them with technological competitiveness. Moreover, I hope to see the vocation seeded in every one of us so that we could become second and third Tae-Joon Parks laying the foundation of the national development.

CEO of POSTECH Venture Capital Cooperation, Jeonyoung Lee