Celebrating POSTECH’s Quarter Centennial Ceremony
Celebrating POSTECH’s Quarter Centennial Ceremony
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
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Development as a world-class university in a short time

▲ President Yongmin Kim grants an award to Professor Hyeon Keo Park.

As a research focused university in Korea POSTECH has been open for 25 years since its foundation on Dec. 3 1986. Its Commemerative event was held on Dec. 2 at 11 A.M. in the Auditorium. In order to congratulateits anniversary, about 1000 people, including foundation chief director, professors, members of the National Assembly, retired POSCO members, students and their acquaintances participated in the ceremony. The function consisted of delivering three commemoration addresses and giving awards to honorary doctorates and appreciation plaques for development of POSTECH. 

POSTECH was founded in 1986 with the three basic tenets: researching profound theories and abroad applications, cultivating people of talent with world class level, and making great contributions to the development of the country and human society through creative science and technology. For 25 years, it asserted qualitative development rather than quantitative development and possessed Asia’s first prize in the area of impact factor  in which The Times assessed outcome of studies and their influence in 2011. In addition, it developed into the top university in Korea in a short time despite having a short history and accepting a small number of students. It is supported by the fact that POSTECH was ranked the 28th university in 2010-2011 The World University Rankings     conducted by The Times Higher Education.

However, in order to achieve POSTECH’s goal as the world best research concentrated university, President Yongmin Kim mentioned “Something rather intangible like culture constitutes the most decisive element that will help us achieve sustainable success.” He further added, “Learning from the successes and failure in the past, trying our best in the present and doing the right thing, we should be able to blaze our own trail, create our own trail, create our own future, and fulfill our lofty founding tenets.”