Donation Received from the Founding Chair of POSTECH
Donation Received from the Founding Chair of POSTECH
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.12.07 01:02
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The first mayor of Pohang to be elected by popular vote and former chairman of the POSTECH foundation committee, Park Il-cheon, bequeathed his inheritance for POSTECH’s development.

President Yongmin Kim announced on Nov. 24 that the family of the Chairman Park, who passed away in 1998, donated 200 million KRW from his inheritance to POSTECH for the school’s continued development.

Following his nom de plume, POSTECH established a new scholarship called the Yak-un scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to POSTECH students who earnestly pursue their education despite difficult circumstances at home.

The family said “He had special attachment to POSTECH. He wished to bequeath his inheritance to POSTECH.” His love for POSTECH even after death is praised as an exemplary model.

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