[25th Anniversary] Insights from Faculty Who Have Worked at POSTECH Since its Beginning
[25th Anniversary] Insights from Faculty Who Have Worked at POSTECH Since its Beginning
  • Reporter Kim Seol-hwa
  • 승인 2011.12.07 00:52
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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of POSTECH, The Postech Times interviewed Choi Kui-sook, chief of Office of Academic Information Affairs who has worked at POSTECH since the opening of the university. The questions during the interview focusd on changes of POSTECH.

How has POSTECH’s status changed over 25 years?

For 25 years, I have analyzed some data about the number of research papers recorded in SCI and the times cited. In its early days, POSTECH consistently ranked when compared by the number of research papers. However, recently, many other universities are growing so that our ranks are going down. On the other hand, when ranked by The Times, POSTECH keeps its higher rank. Overall according to the Office of Academic Information Affairs POSTECH has grown up qualitatively.

Then what do you think is the driving force of development of POSTECH?

An excellent infrastructure of education system contributed to POSTECH’s development. Since the opening of the school, investment on the digital library has been increasing till current times and POSTECH’s material purchase cost per one student is the best on a national scale.

How does POSTECH differ from its earlier stage?

In earlier days, a number of students had poor home back grounds. However, as time goes by, the income level of entering students is getting higher. In addition, POSTECH extended the buildings and its organizations. Also, there has been an increase and diversification in a research funds income. However, I’m very sorry that POSTECH recently attaches importance to research rather than education, which is the basis of the university.