Reserving Campus Facilities Often a Challenge for Students
Reserving Campus Facilities Often a Challenge for Students
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.12.07 23:17
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▲ Campus facilities can be utilized by students through reservations. However, their procedures are inconvenient for students.

A university is an institute where scholars come together to gain a higher education of a specific subject. It means that the student is the main constituent of a university and the school should be utilized for a student’s convenience. However, it seems POSTECH administration does not consider its students.

A festival called Diwali held last October is one case in which a host experienced difficulties reserving the school’s facilities. It was hosted by Prashant Kumar (Math Ph.D candidate), and he voiced his own complaints by saying that it was not the first time the administration rejected his application. He has applied to use the PIRL-auditorium for an Indian cultural festival for the past three years in the proper processes; however, the outcome has always been the same. After having visited several offices of the school, he finally could reverse a room in Hogil Kim Memorial Hall with aid of the Student Activity Center. However, the room was not opened at the booked time and he had to call POSTECH General Service Center to open the door.

In order to let students know how to reserve the school’s accommodations and explain the booking processes, four methods are listed below through Student Affairs, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), Department Office, and POVIS.

Student Affairs

This is the main office that controls all reservation processes when students want to personally use school accommodations. It is also able to help students to reserve Grand Auditorium and PIRL Auditorium. Students can use school facilities on both weekdays and weekend; however, there will not be AV staffs on weekends because it is out of their work time. Normally, the door will be automatically opened at the booked time and if it is not, they need to visit any close office or call General Service Center. Though students can visit a Student Affair office for reservation, it is preferred for them to do it through POVIS. Then, it will check their application and judge whether it is fair for students to use school’s accommodation personally. If the reason for booking is not suitable, it will deny the application and contact the students personally to let them know the result.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

The office is located on the first floor of POSCO International Center. It does not manage reservation of school’s accommodation. However, it can help in the way of language and information of booking.

Department Office

Students can visit this place in case of reserving a room in each department building. They would be advised to make an inquiry to Department Office by telephone for methods of reservation. In case of Department Office of Mathematics, the booking process is off-line. It gets applications in the unit of month and provides AV facilities.


This process is what most offices prefer students to go through. Students can reserve the facilities in House & Service Management after logging in.

The rules of reservation do not work very well since there are some complaints about it. Most students have free time at night or on the weekends and hope to book accommodations at that time. However, it is the closing hour for all staffs related to it, and students are not able to get any help of AV staffs. In addition, there are many cases in which the door was not opened at a reserved time and students had to call General Service Center. The school is always concerned about big events that outsiders visit, but it does not care about each student’s usage of its facilities even though students should be the main character of the school. Consequently, it needs to find out solutions as soon as possible and endeavor for students’ convenience.